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Matías Valenzuela is a visual artist

whose minimalist aesthetic work

inspires calmness and contemplation.

statement and biography
Portrait photograph of Chilean visual artist Matías Valenzuela, whose art is characterized by its minimalist aesthetic.

The geometric imagery of my works is usually made up of pencil and acrylic on paper. Deeply influenced by minimalism, it is characterized by an austere and careful appearance, where abundance is conspicuous by its absence. Emptiness, both visually and symbolically, is the true protagonist, being sensitively expressed within each composition as a blank space. Delicate figures, customarily made up of thick paint applications, seem to levitate over the plane by means of a pencil shading which enhances the surrounding nothingness. Between illusion and abstraction, they seem to evoke recognizable images, only to return to vagueness. Together with a muted color scheme, their asceticism shifts from a graphic to a ritualistic approach. The act of repeating the same operation and motif becomes an exercise in meditation whose laboriousness demands absolute concentration. As an aesthetic exercise and spiritual practice, my work presents a permanent mystery whose eloquent silence lacks resolution.

Matías Valenzuela (b. 1989) is a visual artist who works and lives in Santiago de Chile. Throughout his practice, his interest in geometry has continued to be a constant narrative, developing from an early baroque stage to one where simplicity equals fulfillment. This transition is accompanied by a change of paradigm within his aesthetic approach, where noise gives way to silence and to the possibility of exploring the contemplative potential of art.

Matías obtained his BA in Fine Arts and MA in Advanced Design from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC). His exhibitions include: The Inner Eye (2023), Santos Chile; Fragmented Times (2021), Artespacio Gallery; and Paths to the Absolute (2017), NAC Gallery. Some mentions include having recently participated in the MAVI UC Young Art Award (2023) exhibition, as well as in the Artefacto Award (2023).

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